Hendrik Davi

The purpose of this website is to freely share my scientific work on forest ecology, political and union texts, as well as photographs or videos.



Short Bio: I am since 2005, researcher in forest ecology at the National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) within the Ecology of Mediterranean Forests Lab (URFM) in Avignon. I study the vulnerability and the adaptation of forests to climate change. I am developing a process-based model that simulates carbon and water fluxes in these ecosystems. This model is now coupled with forest dynamics and simulates the genetic evolution of populations. We also make many observations to better evaluate the vulnerability of forests on forest dieback and tree reproduction. I am also a union activist at CGT-INRA. I am an CGT-observer at INRA’s Scientific Council and elected CGT to Agreenium’s Board of Directors. Finally, I have a long history of political activism. I mobilized in the anti-war movement against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Then I participated in the alter-globalist movement in the framework of ATTAC (G8 of Genoa and Evian, European Social Forums of Paris, London and Athens). I joined the LCR in 2003, then the NPA at its constitution. I left it in 2012 to participate to the Left Front (Front de Gauche FDG) within Ensemble. I was a candidate for municipal (second in the FDG list) and substitute for the cantonal (FDG). In 2017, I was a candidate for France Insoumise in the legislative elections in Marseille (48% in the second round) and I co-authored FI’s booklet  concerning Higher Education and Research.